Control-flow graph

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  • Control flow graph is a directed graph G = (N, E), where N is a finite set of nodes and E is a finite set of directed edges. There are two special nodes, Start and End, in N: every node in N is reachable from Start and every node in N has a path terminating at End. Node Star has no incoming edge, and End has no outgoing edge. <bib>mathur:2008, 48</bib>


  • In the control flow graph, each node represents one or more statements that are all executed in sequence: once the first statement within a node is executed, all the others in the same node are also executed; and there is no control flow deviation to any of this statements, except to the first one). <bib>vincenzi-etal:slides:2007</bib>, <bib>vincenzi-maldonado:slides:2007</bib>