Control flow testing criterion

De Software testing
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  • In control flow testing criterion, the number of test requirements can be huge and thus untestable within a reasonable amount of time: every decision doubles the number of paths; every loop multiplies the number of paths by the number of iterations through the loop. <bib>vincenzi-etal:slides:2007</bib>, <bib>vincenzi-maldonado:slides:2007</bib>, Number of paths
  • Defects may exist in processing statements within the software even through the control flow itself is correct. <bib>vincenzi-etal:slides:2007</bib>, <bib>vincenzi-maldonado:slides:2007</bib>
  • Control flow testing criterion should be used for all modules of code that cannot be sufficiently analyzed through reviews and inspections. <bib>vincenzi-maldonado:slides:2007</bib>