Independent test case

De Software testing
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  • Independent test cases are entirely self contained. <bib>vicenzi-etal:2007:slides</bib>, <bib>delamaro:slides:2009</bib>


  • Independent test cases neither build on each other nor require that other tests have been successfully executed. <bib>vicenzi-etal:2007:slides</bib>
  • The advantage of independent test cases is that any number of tests can be executed in any order. <bib>vicenzi-etal:2007:slides</bib>, <bib>delamaro:slides:2009</bib>
  • The disadvantage of independent test cases is that each test tends to be larger and more complex and thus more difficult to design, create, and maintain. <bib>vicenzi-etal:2007:slides</bib>, <bib>delamaro:slides:2009</bib>