De Software testing
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  • To evaluate the coverage obtained, the tool provides personalized tabled style testing reports that can be accessed from the Summary and Test Case menus. <bib>vincenzi-etal:2003, 10-12</bib>
  • JaBUTi can save any tabled style report as HTML file by accessing Reports ! Summary to HTML menu option. <bib>vincenzi-etal:2003, 13</bib>
  • The tool provides reports with respect to each testing criterion (Summary ! By Criterion), with respect to each class file (Summary ! By Class) and with respect to each method (Summary ! By Method). <bib>vincenzi-etal:2003, 13</bib>
  • When showing the summary by class or by method, the tester can choose, among the available testing criteria, which one he/she wants to evaluate. <bib>vincenzi-etal:2003, 14</bib>
  • Considering the summary by class and by method, by clicking on the class file name or in the method name, the corresponding bytecode is highlighted and displayed considering the weight with respect to the selected criterion. <bib>vincenzi-etal:2003, 14</bib>
  • Double-clicking on the desired column header, any tabled report generated by JaBUTi is classified in an increasing order, considering the clicked column header. A double-click with the SHIFT key pressed causes the table data to be sorted in a decreasing order. <bib>vincenzi-etal:2003, 14</bib>