Trace collector/JaBUTi

De Software testing
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  • The trace information with respect to the current execution is appended in a trace file with the same name of the testing project but with the extension .trc instead of .jbt. <bib>vincenzi-etal:2003, 18</bib>
  • Every time the size of the trace file increase, the Update button in the JaBUTi’s graphical interface becomes red, indicating that the coverage information can be updated considering the new test case(s). <bib>vincenzi-etal:2003, 19</bib>
  • By clicking on the Update button, JaBUTi imports the new test cases, empties the trace file vending.trc and updates the coverage information and the weights for each testing criterion. <bib>vincenzi-etal:2003, 19</bib>