Unit testing

De Software testing
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  • Unit testing focuses on each unit to ensure that their algorithmic aspects are correctly implemented.


  • Unit testing aims at identifying programming and logical faults in the smallest software unit. <bib>vicenzi-etal:2007:slides</bib>, <bib>delamaro:slides:2009</bib>
  • In the procedural paradigm, unit testing is also known as intra-procedural. <bib>vicenzi-etal:2007</bib>
  • In the object-oriented paradigm, unit testing is called intra-method. <bib>vicenzi-etal:2007</bib>
  • In procedural testing, the unit is the procedure or subroutine. <bib>vicenzi-etal:2007:slides</bib>
  • In unit testing, there is a need to develop drivers and stubs. <bib>vicenzi-etal:2007</bib>, <bib>delamaro:slides:2009</bib>