Variable predicative use

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  • Let (z, r) and (z, s) be two edges in a definition-predicative use pair set of the variable x defined at the node q. Suppose that program P is executed against test case t and the complete path transversed is <math>p = (n_{1}, n_{i_{2}}, ..., n_{i_{l}}, n_{i_{l}+1}, ..., n_{i_{m}}, n_{i_{m}+1}, ..., n_{k})</math>, where <math>2 <= i_{j} < k for 1 <= j <= k</math>. This predicative use of the variable x at the node z defined at node q is considered covered if, for both edges (z, r) and (z, r), the following conditions hold: <math>q = n_{i_{1}}<math>, <math>z = n_{i_{m}}</math>, <math>r = n_{i_{m+1}}</math> and the path <math>(n_{i_{j}}, n_{i_{j} + 1}, ..., n_{i_{m}}, n_{i_{m+1}})</math> is a definition-clear path with respect to x. <bib>mathur:2008, 469-470</bib>